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LAND's successful workshop on sports nutrition

The workshop’s speakers shared the latest research in their fields of expertise. In her presentation “Sports Nutrition: Healthy Eating for Optimal Sports Performance”, Dr. Lama Mattar tackled the issue of nutrition’s effect on exercising and the adequate dietetics strategies that enhance health and training performances.
Dr. Elie Jacques Fares delivered a lecture entitled “Metabolic Phenotyping and Predisposition to Obesity”, where he focused on the principles of energy balances, expenditure and metabolic phenotypes’ responsibility in the predisposition to leanness and fatness.
“Weight Management: The Importance of Resistance Training” was the title of Dr. Tarek Gherbal’s presentation, where he highlighted the significance of resistance training in controlling body weight.
Finally, Dr. Hassan Baydoun explained the principles that help athletes avoid injuries and the importance of resting, in his presentation “Practice Sports Safely – Injury Prevention in the Recreational Athlete”.
Following the lectures, an interactive Q&A session was held where attendees received clear guidance and advices on how to counsel clients to ensure optimal results in weight management.
Attendees enjoyed an inspiring and enriching workshop and requested LAND to organize more up-to-date and similar seminars, especially since sports nutrition is becoming a growing practice.