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About LAND
The Lebanese Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics is the core guiding body involved in the promotion and support of nutrition, dietetics, food science and nutrition-related public health concerns in Lebanon. The LAND is committed to improve nation’s health and advance the profession of dietetics through continuous education and research.

The LAND was founded in 1970, and revived its activities in 1993, and it was the first organization of nutrition professionals in the region. All the 200 members are licensed dietitians working in different range of practice areas and interests with high academic and ethical standards. Every three years, an executive committee is elected and its members organize and supervise all the LAND activities and services.

Mission & Vision

  • Optimizing Lebanon and Middle East’s health through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Empowering its members to be the trusted providers and leaders of nutrition advice

Services & Activities

The key functions and activities of the academy span a wide range of services offered to health professionals, the general public, governmental, corporate, academic, and media sectors. Furthermore, LAND makes significant contributions to the research field and promotion of evidence-based practice.

Delivering reliable nutrition information for the public through the information updated continuously on the website and through the direct contact with the members.

Providing the most updated evidence-based nutrition information for the health professionals by organizing lectures and conferences and providing access through the website to recent published scientific articles.

Advocating for public policy by communicating with governmental organization and non-governmental organizations to support health-related policies and nutrition-related guidelines along with laws related to profession regulations.

Leading crucial research in nutrition in the clinical and community settings by encouraging and collaborating with universities and research councils.